The most controversial episode of guess who fifa vs reev 🔥

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    Can we smash 2080 likes for this epic GUESS WHO FIFA :) Stock up for TOTS using code "oakel" - INSANE MARKET WARS - Follow my Twitter- Follow my Instagram - My NEW gaming channel 🔥 - AJ3 - In this video myself and my opponent AJ3, will be playing some GUESS WHO FIFA, we have a load of packs so fingers crossed we can pack a big player! RULES: .MUST USE A BILLBOARD PLAYER (ONE WHICH POPS UP) .82 RATED INFORM+ .NO FUTHEAD .YES OR NO QUESTIONS .EXCESSIVE TIME ON A QUESTION CAN LEAD TO A 15 SECOND TIMER BEING CALLED IN. .EITHER A BEST OF 3 OR BEST OF 5 FORMAT WILL BE OUTLINED AT THE START. If you've not subscribed already, why not hit the red button, it's FREE! Family friendly content, no swearing. Thanks for watching, Oakley
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    Can we smash 1290 likes for this EPIC WC GUESS WHO FIFA!? Instagram - Cheap FIFA coins, use code "FISH" ...
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    Can we smash 3000 likes for more EPIC GUESS WHO FIFA videos!? :) 12000 FIFA POINT GIVEAWAY - PRIME ICON GUESS WHO ...
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    Credits : please check out The World's Strongest Man Facebook page The World's Strongest Man Youtube ...
    Mimi Kennedy (actress, Midnight In Paris) makes a point about how Hollywood exports violence abroad, and Jordan Zakarin (writer/editor, The Huffington Post) ...
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