The Top 11 Worst Hit Songs of 2011 ft. ACriticNamedKevin (Part 1)

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    THIS VIDEO IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE MY OLD LIST. AS FAR AS MY ORIGINAL LIST GOES, THE ENTIRE TOP 3, AS WELL AS #7 AND #6, ARE STILL IN MY TOP 10. THIS IS *JUST* A VIDEO OF SONGS THAT I FORGOT TO MENTION IN MY ORIGINAL LIST. SOMEHOW I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT IN THE INTRO. I GUESS OLD HABITS DIE HARD. MalaCritico: ACriticNamedKevin: These are the Top 10 Best Songs from 2014 that I forgot the first time around. So... my original Best Hit Songs of 2014 video, uploaded about a year ago, was garbage. If you want to watch it, for whatever reason, here it is: ( Because of the video's lack of quality and the decent chunk of negative reception it received which had been haunting me for months, I decided to finally give in and update it. (And no, for the record, I didn't forget Come With Me Now or Love Runs Out. I just don't like them. At all) Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Unrelated question? Ask it here: OutsideTheMeasure: Special thanks to: Halston Blain Wirt ( Glenn Newman ( Even Luck ( Theodore Haines LokoReviews ( Ellie Axe (
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    2 men. 25 songs. 1 month. 2017. *RE-EDITED AND REUPLOADED DUE TO COPYRIGHT TAKEDOWN. ORIGINAL UPLOAD: JUNE 12TH, 2017.* Songs given ...
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    This week on Vinny Views, I'm predicting what I feel may be nominated for Grammy's later next week! VISIT US ONLINE Please visit us at our website ...
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    Update: my premiere trial actually wore off yesterday, so I had to use Final Cut Express, which was a hellish experience. Blame ACriticNamedKevin for the comic ...
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